Il Nodo Onlus

A bracelet designed to help the artisan apprentices of the social design school "La bottega dell'arte" in Phnom Penh wanted by the ONLUS IL NODO to implement their creativity.

The craftsmen-women are twenty-five apprentices, boys and girls, learn to work silver. These are jobless and poorly educated boys and girls, many orphans who have just left the orphanage and disabled people, The ONLUS IL NODO invited me to donate a contribution to help the development apprentices’ skills.

I strongly believe in the power of design to improve people's lives. This is why I donated my work and designed a bracelet that stemmed not only from my design but also from the artisanship of the apprentices.

A band that wraps around the arm and can take a thousand forms. The final design is the result of the union of the project concept of wrapping the sash and the artisan sensitivity of the apprentice.

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