Pharmacy retail

Retail design.
In store Visual and Communication design.

Optimize effectiveness of space of the pharmacy store through precise communication strategies to the customer intended as a response to his needs for readability of the assortment. Communicating distinctiveness, innovation and specialization.


Team leader of new formats and product layout: Maria Grazia Cardinali, Professor of Strategic Marketing and Shopper Marketing at the University of Parma. In charge of: Design innovative store format: retail design and visual and communication design store.
Current status: 16 pharmacies designed and built in Italy

Data Analisys

- Surveys and site visits
- Photographic analysis of space
- Product layout analysis
- Traffic flow analysis
- Communication analysis

Custom Made - Personalization

- Format store design

- Product layout
- Brand image – corporate identity, naming, logo
- In store communication – from macro to micro
- Visual merchandising - shop windows
- Store design